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Rebirth is often a painful process. But the good thing about it is you get to learn from your mistakes. With that being said, we've learned to specialize in publishing poetry chapbooks and multicultural fiction. It's what we like to read and where we feel the most at home in the act of editing. Also, we've learned that seeking out poets' work in our neighborhood is best. There's less legal hassle and it's easier to set up meetings with the poet in question. Plus, it's easier to set up readings at local establishments.

We've also learned there is some subject matter that wouldn't be prudent to publish, like religion, politics, and erotica. (Check out our manifesto for further details.) We want you to be able to read what you wrote, and what we published, to your kids, your friends, your grandmother, or maybe even your parents. If you can't read your submission to folks like that then we may not be the best place to submit your works. Be innovative. Be brave. Write.

But enough about our vision. Here's the staff so far:

Editor-in-Chief & Founder: Natasha Andreil is a fellow poet and loves editing (even the weird flyers folks post in bathroom stalls). She hails from the Lou and is studying the art of neo-epics. She earned a B.A. in English from Webster University. She was a reader at the Hungry Young Poet Summer Reading Series, sponsored by River Styx Literary Magazine. Natasha is published with, The Ampersand, The Green Fuse, Whistling Shade, and the African American Review.

MF Developmental Editor:

Poetry Developmental Editor:

MF Copy Editor:

Poetry Copy Editor: Malobi Sinha spent the early years of her childhood in the freedom and vastness of Kenya, in East Africa; then her family migrated to Australia when she was in High School. She is the author of Non-Fiction and Fiction works, as well as appraised collections of poetry, and has had literary work (articles and poetry) published in various magazines and e-zines in Australia, UK and the USA. She also is a Screenwriter for several Film Producers. Malobi completed a Bachelors of Engineering from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Accounting from Deakin University and also consults in I.T. She enjoys playing the violin solo and in accompaniment, and painting artwork. Malobi lives in Victoria, Australia, with her husband. More information on Malobi can be found at her website at

MF Proofreader:

Poetry Proofreader:

Graphic Designer:

Marketing & Events Coordinator:

Please click here if you're interested in joining the staff.

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