Friday, November 22, 2013

So...Do I Need an Agent to Submit to Stasia Press?

Dear Poet,

We first intended to write a long, drawn out letter about how we wanted to appeal to the underdog, how we think the industry favors established poets over newbies, and how we think the submission process should remain simplified. But that only leads to long sentences we all can't help editing to death. So we decided to keep things short and sweet.

In our opinion, literary agents are wonderfully talented people who champion the poet's talents and legal rights. However, they better serve poets who are more established. Poets have to build up their own reputation from the ground up to even get noticed by small publishers, presses, and literary magazines. Newbie poets have a hard enough time doing so. And it's equally challenging to do the same with literary agents.

But just because you already have a literary agent to represent you doesn't mean your submission is not welcome. Everyone is welcome to submit their manuscript to Stasia Press...when submissions are open.

In short, you don't need a literary agent to submit. But you do need to impress us with your talent. We can't wait to read your submissions during the open season.


The Editorial Staff